Validate and improve your mobile website

I am quite hooked on mobile web experience, because not only it is hype, but also because it is quite new, so you have the chance to be someone on the web if you blog on this topic.

Some mobile validation tools

Tech savvy website ReadWriteWeb has written an article about the mobile website validation tool of the W3C. Simply enter the url of the site in this page, and wait for the report to be delivered.

Another nice mobile website validation tool is provided by dotMobi, the tool is called I could not resist to make a validation for my own site, knowing in advance that the result would be very poor. But I have done it in order to measure my progress in mobilizing this website. I'll keep record of the progress from now on.

Mobi.ready tool

So let's run the checkup for my website that is run by MicroCMS, my own CMS system written in php/mysql and seo optimized. See some shot below :

Mobile website diagnostic

Okay, the result as you see is very poor. What I plan to do is to make a mobile css stylesheet and a mobile layout of my site. This report is the starting point of my way to go mobile, it's a challenge, and if you are interested to follow my progress, come back and check my site in the future. But there are many standar for mobile css stylesheet and html tag. The one that prevail nowadays is the XHTML, the older i-mode (cHTML) and the WAP 1.x are seldom used : don't bother with them now. As shown in the picture below, the XHTML mobile profile is dominated by the WAP 2.0/XHTML-MP. Unfortunately and predictably, my website failed :(.


What about frames ? They are commonly banned from regular websites nowadays, it's no surprise they should be banned for mobile site, no surprise i passed this test because i never use frames.

No frames for mobile site

The picture below show many more test that should be passed.

additional mobile tests

  • MIME types
  • character encoding
  • pop up windows
  • alt texts
  • images maps
  • specify image sizes
  • measures
  • page title
  • use of stylesheets
  • stylesheets dependency
  • object or scripts
  • redirection
  • default input mode
  • provide defaults
  • page size limit
  • large graphics
  • tables
  • nested tables
  • tables for layout
  • access keys
  • caching
  • external resources
  • structure
  • images resizing
  • google sitemap
  • form submission

So far there are nine test that fail.

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