A bookmarklet to let you easily test javascript snippets

A shell for executing javascript in a bookmarklet !

A shell in a bookmarklet

Can you believe that? a bookmarklet is a short javascript code snippet (usually shorter than 1024 characters), that performs various tasks, and you can bookmark them = execute them by clicking on the bookmark, neat huh? For example if you are a member of the social bookmarking site Delicious, there is a bookmarklet that let you bookmark a site without copy pasting a url into the form, all you need to do is click on the bookmarklet, it’s (almost) done !

With the bookmarklet that I am talking, you have a console like a Unix shell, type you javascript command or script, press enter and the code is executed. Go fetch the shell bookmarklet.

Once you are on the webpage, drag the « Shell » bookmarklet in your bookmark area, that’s all. Just clik on the bookmark to open a popup window (the console) and start playing with javascript !

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