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Transitioning From Procedural Programmer To OOP Programmer

Recently i went through a lot of changes in my computing life.

After spending 5 years coding in procedural PHP i am going full throttle for OOP PHP.

I enjoyed PHP very much these years, from the day i learnt how to connect to a database, to more recently how to scrape a website using curl via proxies, i've learnt a lot, still a lot to learn.

Proof is i spent a month learning Java EE, using Eclipse, and I must admit that it's time to become a better developper. Embracing OOP programming involves learning a lot of new paradigm and habits.

Use a real IDE

Like Eclipse. I have used SublimeText, and was very happy with it, but if you are coding in a OOP manner, this software doesn't fit so well. I needed a software that could parse libraries and have auto completion, access to documentation, do more advanced stuff.

Learn versioning !

At one point in time, you'll be very annoyed with the different folders storing your different script versions. Isn't great a software can do the version management for you? thus eliminating the risk of messing up with your code on a production site ! This is very important if you work in a team.

Think in OOP

Of cours ! But OOP involves concept such as Dependy injection, Inversion of Control, writing unit test, design patterns, loose coupling, infamous OOP concept such as inheritance, polymorphism, interface, Exception.

That's only the beginning !

After you get your foot into OOP, you'll have to be familiar with software building. I'll explain later what software building is. You'll need to grasp the concept of continuous integration, Agile ans Scrum. And with that you'll be familiar with Jenkins, which is a continuous ( CI) integration server.

The process of building a software includes various testing of your software, functional testing and integration testing, for example testing a web interface, and have these test automated to reduce the isk of error. CasperJS or Selenium are the most popular choice these days.

So, i am in a new journey to the land of coding, and this is simply fantastic. I'll share my learning on this blog with you.

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PHP Internall 500 Error How To Investigate

Today i got a blank page after a php script modification. Since i worked on a dedicated server managed by myself, i was tempted to think about rebooting Apache.

Indeed that what i did. But nothing happened, i still got a blank page... After a few googling, it appeared that tha internal server error 500 can happen for various reasons


If you have a dedicated server, anytime you get a 500 error, first check your logs. That's something you should get used to. The first thing to do is to look at you php error log, located on you web server under its domain folder. Then open it and just see, it is not so hard to decode a log file.

In my case, i redeclared a function (stupid !) and the whole website broke !

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Firefox Addon For Developping Fire Extensions

These are three firefox extensions recommended for anyone wanting to develop extensions:

I recommend you to master javascript if you want to make the most of a webpage, because it is the only client side script language that allow nice effect and stuffs, and you'd be very glad to develop your very own firefox extensions.

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Is Google Shooting Its Own Foot By Allowing Scams On Adsense?

Maybe it is due to the general downturn of the economy, but recently I noticed that Google was very aggressive in its marketing. I am subscribed to a management magazine, and last month I found a 100 euros starter kit bonus coupon in it. Later Google was giving free coupon for wannabee Adwords advertiser, and in any of my Google Webmaster Central account, I have been offered a 100 US Dollar coupon to start advertising on Google Adwords. unfortunately, none of these worked because my accounts are more that 14 days old, but this is another story.

Plus Google France CEO is attending seminar with industrials to evangelize Google Adwords.

But what seems to be a move of Google to cross the yellow line is that it shows on its ad network advertisement about internet scams. All those scams are about get rich quick, make money online while you sleep, qui your job and start making money. Go to read this post for an example of this kind of scam.

No need to say more, personnally I encounter those scammers on every places on the Internet, and they are currently rampant on Twitter !

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New Recipes For Following Quality Tweeps (and Get Quality Followers)

The easy way is difficult

You have opened your account, you haven't twitted yet, you start to follow your friends or the perfect strangers. You think that in order to do good on Twitter, you must have a lot of followers, because that's a sign of authority. Luckily, you get it wrong.I personally falled into this trap too. Worse some so called social media pundits do play the game of who has the biggest follower crowd (pretty like who has the biggest penis, sorry ladies I only know this comparison).

Simply I wanted to show you that there is a better way to grow your influence besides having a massive flock of followers. The question is not "How much direct influence I have", it is more about "How much global influence I have" on the long term.

Earlier this week @LucasNg twitted this post with this title "How I used Twitter to put a CEO on the street ". At he end of the post, the author said he only had 1500 followers, but those followers helped him retweet, and then the followers of his followers retweeted, ending by colecting 300 dollars to put his boss sleep on the street.

I realised that the most important is the quality crowd of followers that helped him retweet the request. In order for this to happen, you need followers that trusted you, and your followers to be trusted by their followers and so on. Could you imagine those retweets if your followers are crappy bots or perfect stranger that follow you in the hope of you follow them back? I couldn't. You won't go far this way.

So does size still matter? To some extent, but here again, the motto is quality over quantity.

The hard way is easier but takes time

Here is a list of my personal tips for getting quality buddies.

  • First don't get obsessed with the number of followers
  • Follow the people who interact
  • Don't follow people from the list of followers blindly, check their activity first
  • Follow people that appear in the replies or retweets, you can be sure they are people who interact or provide useful information.
  • Follow people not avatars, I am sure there are several people behind Guy Kawasaki, it tweets like crazy, but I am not interested (too much boring self promotion)
  • Let your new followers wait (sandbox) before following back.

This list is for how to get noticed by people you follow and want them follow you back

  • The ultra easy way is to retweet their tweets, but don't overdo it. They will feel happy if somebody is interested in them. But don't fake it, you won't pass the test of time.
  • Reply to them if you feel you can make an interesting reply.
  • Go to their blog to leave interesting comments
  • Provide value anytime.
  • Answer them when they are broadcasting a question.

I won't guaranty it will work for everybody, you are unlikely to be followed back by @problogger or @ev, well it doesn't matter because there are a lot of cool people on Twitter worth following (and get followed by). I can be followed here @yvonh.

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Delicious Bookmarklet Find It Here !

Don't find the Delicious bookmarklets? Here it is

I work on many different computers, I browse a lot of webpages, some are interesting for me but I don't have time to read, so I bookmark them in a place where I can access from anywhere. Delicious is the tool you need if you are in the same situation than me. Delicious has a nifty bookmarklet to allow you to bookmark a page in one click (nearly). The problem is it is not easy to find, I wish it was in the homepage of delicious because it is too practical. Unfortunately and it's a shame, it is not easy to find them. If Delicious wanted to expand more, they should make it more user friendly. Several times I struggled to find the bookmarklets but always forget the place! Until today. Find the delicious bookmarklets here !

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